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Brochure Creatives - Real Estate

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Travel Agent Logo

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Logo & Stationery design for a Chennai based Travel Agency

Logo Options for an Architect Firm

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Creative Brief : The scope of work was to design the logo for an architecture firm based in Chennai. The name DesignTecture is formed by joining the words Design & Architecture this young gen architecture and design firm wanted a minimalistic yet stylish logo. With focus on developing residential developments we

My Role : Concept, Design & Presentation

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Logo Concept : A simple symbol that is very easy that is very easy to comprehend and sticks in our memory. Inspired from a door key this logo represents the personal touch given to every customer and also signifies the turnkey services provided when it comes to architecture and project management. The key was chosen because it is individual and very personal kept with owners of the home only this gives the company a one-on-one and a personal relationship with the clients.

Press Creatives for Ready-to-occupy Apartments

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Creative Brief:
RWD is a premier property development company based in Chennai, launched around 4 years ago their residential project Atlantis, had not had a great response. But now with the project ready for occupation the client wanted a out-of-the-box campaign, with the location of the project as Nungambakkam.

My Role : Concept, Copy & Initial Layout


Creative Rationale:
The project is located in the center of the city one of the most populated business and residential localities. Being the tallest tower on the Nelson Manickam Road in Nungambakkam Atlantis offers unique independence though you are living in the middle of the city. Apartments with no sharing walls Atlantis offers you a unique lifestyle. These ads focus on the lifestyle offered by the project so your friends visit you often not just to enjoy the lifestyle and also because we live close to them right in the middle of the city.

Option 2

Creative Rationale:
The modern lifestyle has us rushing, all our lives. We miss a lot in our rush to become successful, rush to earn money. And one day when we stop and look back we might have missed a lot. Atlantis is right at the middle of Chennai busiest business and residential zones hence it is perfectly positioned for you stop rushing and start living your life because you are strategically placed right in the middle of your lifestyle. This ad tries to connect with the reader emotionally by reminding them of all the things they have missed in the rush and how it is time to start living.

Option 3

Creative Rationale:

With all the options being a visual based campaigns wanted to create an out of the box idea with a art that will strike a chord with the readers. A survey says that every modern urban man spends about six months of his life at a traffic signal. This ad asks a simple question are you one of those men who spends more time at the traffic signal than with your family.

Brand Book for a Jewellery Brand

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Creative Brief:
A brand of jewellery with a unique concept wanted a brochure that will tell their corporate story. Collector's edition and handmade the jewellery will be piece art that would find its place in any art gallery across the globe.

My Role : Concept, Copy & Initial Layout

Creative Rationale:
Creating a brochure for a piece of art that could be worn as jewllery was challenging. This was the first draft of their corporate story. Inspired from their jewellery the brochure uses art textures and backgrounds and the copy is stylish and represents the feminine and artistic nature of the jewellery.

Animation & Digital Company Logo

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Website Creative for a Mobile Accessory Company

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Wilsun is a brand of mobile accesories based in Chennai, their flagship product is the glass scratch guard. So this website is created highlighting the features of the scratch guard.