I was a personality before
I became a person

An  advertising professional with over 12 years of experience across various stages of the creative life cycle. From receiving the creative brief to finalising the creatives I have dealt with them at every stage. From copy writing to business presentations I have handled all challenges.

And I still believe that what we can do is important than what we have already done.

Crooked or straight
the stage matters

Where we work is as important as what we do. I started my design career at a printing press in Chennai - Print Hub and 2 years later I was the one man team in a small advertising agency, Gamas Advertising. Four tiresome years of typesetting brought me into Cedilla Communications, my first step into real world of advertising. Seven years later now I am working with Ting a new age digital agency with offices in Chennai, Mumbai & Sydney.

The language of friendship is not words but meanings

The universal language may be love but the languages we speak and write matters in the communication industry. I read & write English, Tamil & Hindi. I have ambitions to become a writer someday and I hope to write in English but languages don’t matter as much as meanings.

I get paid well, Yes. 10.2 lakhs
(take home) per annum

is decent enough to lead a
comfortable life in Chennai.
But after 12 years I look back
and see I have not built a legacy, something that I will be
remembered for or something
that will be named after me. 
Yes, now I want to move
to the next level. Work in a more creatively stimulating and
challenging atmosphere.